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Motorcycle rental Cape Town and Johannesburg

Motorcycle rental Cape Town - Johannesburg Harley-Davidson Road King

Motorcycle rental Cape Town and Johannesburg
Hire a Harley-Davidson - Cape Town Motorcycle Rentals. View Our Bikes Here! Hire a Bike for the Day. Online Pricing. Unlimited Km  
Models: Sportster 883 Iron, Sportster 1200T, Softail Fat Boy, Touring Street Glide, Touring Road King, Softail Heritage.
Minimum Requirements To Rent A Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle In Cape Town and Johannesburg
Before hiring a motorcycle, it is important that you have the following information available.
A Valid Identity Document (ID) or Passport
A Valid Motorcycle Drivers License
A Credit Card (Master / Visa only.)
Steps to Renting A Harley-Davidson®  Motorcycle Cape Town
Enquiring and Booking Your Rental Bike.
Choose Your Bike.
Submit an Enquiry or contact us directly.
Receive your quotation and Client Information Form.
Confirm Your booking and reply with your completed Client Information Form, a copy of your ID/ Passport and Driver's License.
Collecting Your Rental Motorcycle.
Once you arrive to collect your bike. Present your ID/ Passport, Driver License and Credit Card to our friendly staff.
An imprint is made of your credit card for security purposes.
Your card is swiped for the deposit value of your rental. (The deposit amount is simply held by your bank, but does not leave your bank account. It will be release back to you once the bike is returned in good condition.)
Your card is swiped again for the bike rental amount, plus any additional items that you may decide to hire with the bike.
The final rental contract / Invoice is signed.
A thorough inspection of your rental bike is done by both yourself and our friendly representative.
The Inspection sheet is signed to confirm the condition of the motorcycle as it is handed over to you.
Our friendly representative will now run through the finer details of how your bike works, fuel type as well as any questions that you may have.
Assuming everything is in order, you may now begin your tour with your selected Harley-Davidson® Authorized Rental Bike.
Collision damage waiver/s: The motor cycle will be covered as per your cover option taken for theft and collision damage whilst it is being used during your contract period.  
3rd Party damage is not covered by your cover taken. Any accidental damage to the motor cycle must be reported to Harley Davidson bike rentals within 24Hours as well as to the  
relevant authorities (An accident report number must be obtained and submitted). Failure to report the accident, damages or theft will result in the motorcycle no longer being covered. 
Contract fee  
A contract fee of R50 is applicable per rental.  
Excess cover options: you will be liable for the following excess cover for the model rented as per the applicable options: 
Insurance Cover option:  Standard Waiver  Super Waiver
Sportster 883 Iron:   ZAR  5 000 ZAR 2 500 
Sportster 1200T:  ZAR  8 000  ZAR 2 500
NightRod/ V-Rod:  ZAR15 000 ZAR 2 500 
Dyna Wide/Low:    ZAR15 000  ZAR 2 500
Softail Heritage:  ZAR20 000 ZAR 2 500
Road Glide/Ultra: ZAR20 000 ZAR 2 500 
Road king/Street Glide: ZAR20 000 ZAR 2 500 


Accessories and Extra's: any other rented goods from Harley Davidson except for the motor cycle are not covered. 

Accidents and Replacements: if the rental motorcycle is involved in an accident there will be no refund for early termination. There will be a handling fee of R 500 per incident. The client  will be responsible for the cost of recovery of the damaged bike to the closest branch. Please obtain a police case number from the local police. Should this not obtained then your claim will be repudiated. 
An emergency number will be supplied to the client upon arrival in the case of a breakdown or accident this number must be contacted for assistance within business hours. Should the incident occur after hours the problem will be resolved the following day.  
Harley Davidson will do their best to get a replacement bike when necessary to the client within 24 Hours depending on the location. Harley Davidson will advise the nearest branch to assist with minor issues and repairs should they feel a replacement bike is not required.  
Damage and Accident Policy: in the event of a fall, collision or damage, however minor, you will be required to complete the accident claim form. Please note no matter the damage Harley Davidson Bike Rental has a strict replacement policy on all damaged parts. Any cratches or damaged parts will be replaced at the current retail price plus labour. 
Cover Exclusions: The renter will be liable for any damages to the bike under the following circumstances: water damage/water submersion (including salt water) wilful damage — any damage caused as a result of negligence. Driving under the influence of alcohol. Driving on restricted roads. Damaging the clutch or gearbox due to incorrect usage. Seizing the engine due to oil level or incorrect use of vehicle supplements. Driving on the wrong side of the road. Unauthorised driver. 
Punctures or flat tyres: in the event of a flat tyre or puncture, you as the renter will be responsible for the repair and repair costs. 
Office Hours:  
Mondays to Fridays: 08h00 – 17h30  
Saturdays: 08h00 – 13h00  
Sundays: Closed 
Public holidays (excluding Sundays): 08:h00 – 13:00 
Renter requirements:  
A Valid local or international motorcycle licence  
A minimum age of 21 is permitted or the renter must have had a valid motorcycle licence for a minimum of 2 Years  
2 free drivers are included  
Late/After hour returns: a late return will be deemed to be a return later than the time stipulated on the time on your contract. A late return will attract additional hourly rate of ZAR500/hour. Rentals are charged on a 24 hour basis.  
Traffic Offenses: You will be responsible for any traffic infringements whilst the bike is in your possession. All fines will be redirected to you and you will incur a R250 admin fee per infringement. 
Substitutions: If, for reasons beyond our control, the reserved motorcycle is not available, Harley-Davidson rentals reserve the right to substitute a comparable or superior motorcycle at no extra cost to the renter. This shall not constitute a breach of contract and does not entitle the renter to any form of refund or claim against Harley-Davidson rentals. 
General Maintenance: the renter will be responsible for the motorcycle whilst in his possession. Oil, water and other fluid levels must be topped up as required.